Holly Oak

Quercus ilex

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Valuable to wildlife Valuable to wildlife
Drought Tolerant Drought Tolerant

The holm or holly oak is a large, evergreen oak that comes originally from the Mediterranean. It is relatively drought tolerant once established and serves well as a wind break. Its size and solid evergreen character gives it an imposing architectural presence that makes it valuable in many urban and garden settings.

Growing Conditions:
The holm oak grows best in rich, moist, well-drained (ideally sandy) loams in full sun to part shade.

The wood is hard and tough and has been usedhistorically for constructio as pillars, tools, wagons and wine casks. (It is also apparently one of the top three trees used in the establishment of truffle orchards.)

50' at maturity

50' at maturity

upright branching, dense foliage, a rounded crown with branches extending near the ground


Leathery, ovate, dark green evergreen leaves that are gray underneath

Fissured gray bark

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