Evening Light Japanese Snowbell

Styrax japonica 'Evening Light'

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Glossy deep purple foliage is unique among snowbells, providing a dramatically dark backdrop for fragrant white, bell shaped flowers that appear in June.

Growing Conditions:
Best in partial shade, but tolerates full sun. Prefers well-drained, highly organic soil. With adequate soil moisture, some reblooming will occur.

Good ornamental tree teeming with fragrant flowers in late spring, followed by white fruit that lasts into fall. Symmetrical structure creates a tree of great uniformity.

15' at maturity

10' at maturity

Upright and oval

White, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers hang below leaves in late spring.

Slightly serrated dark purple leaves turn yellowish in fall.

Smooth, gray-brown, becoming orangish-brown, fissured and more attractive with age.

More Information:
China and Japan. Cultivar developed at J.Frank Schmidt Nursery in Boring, OR.