Jefferson Elm

Ulmus americana 'Jefferson'

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Deep green foliage and an upright vase shape characterize this stately street tree.

Growing Conditions:
Sun. Adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions and pH. American elms tolerate numerous environmental stresses including deicing salts, drought, and air pollution.

A great dutch elm disease resistant elm for the urban landscape.

70' at maturity

50' at maturity

Vase shaped with arching limbs

Non-showy, small greenish red flowers in fascicles of 3 or 4 appear in spring before the foliage emerges.

Dark green leaves emerge earlier in spring and retained later in fall than typical American elm, turning yellow in autumn

Smooth, light to reddish gray in young trees and becoming dark grey and fissured in older trees

More Information:
Tested and shown to be Dutch Elm Disease tolerant, the impressive original tree grows on the National Mall in Washington, DC.