Western Hemlock

Tsuga heterophylla

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Native to Pacific Northwest Staff Favorite Valuable to wildlife

A great, faster growing native conifer for larger planting strips and yards.

Growing Conditions:
Adaptable. Prefers sun and good drainage, but can take considerable shade and other soil conditions.


60' at maturity

25' at maturity

Narrowly pyramidal when young, broad upright pendulous branches when mature.


Small, shiny green needles.


More Information:
Native range from southern Alaska along Pacific coast to California, also southeast British Columbia south in Rocky Mountains to Montana. It is not uncommon to find seedlings of Western Hemlock growing atop a fallen log ("nurse logs") or a rotten stump as much as 15 ft from the forest floor; when examined closely one will usually find one or more roots extending down into the moist soil. Over time the nurse log or stump decays away and the original root system is exposed.