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Exclamation London Plane Tree

Platanus x acerifolia 'Exclamation'

A durable and adaptable shade tree known for the showy puzzle piece like olive-cream bark this tree has year round interest. Dark green maple like leaves that fade to yellow in the fall.

Growing Conditions:
Will grow well in most soils but prefers deep, rich, and moist but well-draining conditions. Adaptable and tolerant of urban environments.

Very tolerant of pollution and urban environments.

50' at maturity

40' at maturity

Pyramidal in youth developing a spreading canopy as a mature tree

not showy

medium to dark green

Olive-green to creamy, exfoliating.

This hybrid selection of the London planetree resulted from a controlled cross made by Dr. George Ware at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, between P. orientalis (naturally anthracnose-resistant) and an anthracnose-resistant P. occidentalis parent. Selected for its uniform, upright-pyramidal habit, which is conical in its youth; a strong central leader; and attractive foliage. This plant is densely branched, has a moderate growth rate, is light-fruiting, and shows resistance to frost cracking and anthracnose.