Oregon Myrtle

Umbellularia californica

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The Oregon Myrtle is a medium sized evergreen tree with white flowers and very aromatic leaves.

Growing Conditions:
When established, it grows in any rich, moist, well drained soil. Prefers sun/ part shade.

A great evergreen tree for medium-large planting strips.

40' at maturity

40' at maturity


Clusters of small, creamy white flowers in early spring, but thereafter may flower sporadically for several months

Leaves alternate, simple, elliptical or lance-shaped, 5-13 cm long, thick and leathery. Shiny dark green above and dull and lighter below; very aromatic.

Light brown or greyish-brown, frequently with darker streaks.

More Information:
Native to Oregon and California. Native peoples used the leaves to repel fleas and to treat headaches and poison oak dermatitis. California Bay Laurel leaves can be used in cooking much like the leaves of the European Laurus Nobilis, however, they are much stronger.