Sterling Silver Linden

Tilia tomentosa 'Sterling'

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Drought Tolerant Drought Tolerant

A vigorous growing tree with a very neat, pyramidal and symmetrical shape. Its two tone leaves, dark green above and silver below, shimmer in the slightest breeze. The fuzzy texture of its leaves resists the feeding of insects.

Growing Conditions:
Grows well in urban conditions. Tolerates heat and drought once established.


45' at maturity

35' at maturity

Broadly pyramidal

Creamy yellow flowers in hanging clusters (7 to 10 flowers per cluster) in early summer. Each cluster is accompanied by a long, strap-shaped bract. Very fragrant.

Green with a silvery grey underside with subtle yellow fall color.

Smooth grey bark

More Information:
Resistant to Japanese beetle and Gypsy moth. Unlike other species of lindens, the silver linden does not attract aphids. The woolly coating on the leaf leaves repels insects.