Southern live oak

Quercus virginiana

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Valuable to wildlife Valuable to wildlife

Broadleaf, typically evergreen tree. Normally medium-sized, but can grow to massive proportions. Generally accepted to be the hardiest of the evergreen oaks, this is truly one of the most enduring "trees for climate change" we offer!

Growing Conditions:
Although they grow best in well-drained sandy soils and loams, they will also grow in clay. Live oaks are also surprisingly hardy and can easily be grown in USDA zone 7.

Primary uses for Southern live oaks are providing food and shelter for wildlife, shade, and as an ornamental.

40-50' at maturity

Up to 150' at maturity

Rounded crown

Male flowers are green hanging catkins about 3-4 inches long.

Leaves are stiff and leathery, dark green tops and pale gray below, up to 6 inches long.

Bark has red-brown furrows with small surface scales; later becomes black and very blocky.

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