Red Sunset Red Maple

Acer rubrum

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Fall Colors

This selection does well in heat due to its drought tolerance and has an upright habit. It has very attractive orange-red fall color and is also a rapid and vigorous grower. Colors earlier and is more cold hardy than October Glory�. Sun, very tolerant of soils. Has shown high tolerance to flooding. Female tree, it produces fruit (seeds) that that is bright red.

Growing Conditions:
Adaptable to many growing conditions, soil types, and pH ranges. Established trees are drought tolerant.

Commonly found along streets and in parks.

45' at maturity

35' at maturity

Dense oval to rounded

Small and red forming in early April in dense clusters before the leaves appear.

Leaves opposite, simple, thick, strongly 3-lobed, dark, glossy green.

Gray and smooth in youth becoming rougher as the tree ages

More Information:
Developed in the 1940s by J. Frank Schmidt, Jr. of J. Frank Schmidt & Sons nursery, Boring, Oregon, introduced in 1966; reportedly the trademark name was inspired by the song "Red Sails in the Sunset", considered a standard by which to measure other Red Maples and widely planted in the 1970s and 80s (Jacobson, 1996). Iowa's Nursery and Landscape Professionals Tree of the Year in 2002.