California Black Oak

Quercus kelloggii

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Valuable to wildlife Valuable to wildlife
Drought Tolerant Drought Tolerant

Deciduous tree, 40-80 ft' in height.

Growing Conditions:
Sun or light shade. Drought resistant, succeeds in dry, sandy, or gravelly soil. Hardy to USDA Zone 7.

The wood is used for making furniture, pallets, and construction timber. In addition, California black oak is a critical species for wildlife, both for food and cover. Excellent wildlife tree.

40-80' at maturity

40-80' at maturity

Rounded crown

Male and female flowers borne in separate catkins, appearing with the leaves.

Leaves are cut into 7-11 lobes, toothed, each tooth ending in a bristle. Glossy green color.

Bark dark gray or black, smooth on young trees and broad, irregularly plated ridges.

More Information:
Native range from south central Oregon to southern California, on the west side of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada Mountains, foothills and lower mountains.