Apple 'Wolf River' Semi-Dwarf

Malus domestica

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*Important* Fruit trees, in general, have unique maintenance needs in terms of pruning, harvesting, and pest and disease management. Visit or for more fruit tree care info.

Growing Conditions:
Grows best in well drained, moist soil and in full sun. It is self-sterile and needs a pollenizer. If you are in an urban environment you probably won't need to worry about a pollination partner for your apple tree- there will usually be compatible apple tree near by.

This tree produces large apples often weighing a pound or more. The fruit has a pale red color over pale yellow skin and soft, tender, slightly mealy, creamy-white flesh. Excellent for baking whole and drying. Great for pies!

20' at maturity

15' at maturity


Five-petalled, pinkish-white flowers.


Shiny, gray-brown and scaly.

More Information:
Resistant to scab, mildew, fireblight and cedar apple rust. Trees are very hardy. Wolf River got its name naturally from the place it was found--- on the banks of the Wolf River near Fremont, Wisconsin in 1875. *Please note that these trees are bare root and come from the grower a bit smaller then our regular stock size.