European Hornbeam

Carpinus betula

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Easy to Maintain Easy to Maintain

This deciduous tree is valued in landscaping for its uniformity in form, clean dark green foliage, and disease and insect resistance. As a street tree it provides an excellent screen from traffic because of it's dense foliage.

Growing Conditions:
Tolerant of a wide range of soil types put prefers well drained soils. Performs best in full sun.

Great as a screen or in full sun sites. No serious disease or insect issues.

40' at maturity

30-40' at maturity

Pyramidal in youth but more rounded as a mature tree

monoecious, catkins 1.5

ovate-oblong with sharply and doubly serrate edges, dark green summer color changing to yellow in the fall.

slate gray, smooth and fluted in old age.

More Information:
Native to Europe, Asia Minor, and southeast England.