Sorbus aucuparia

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Interesting Flower Interesting Flowers
Provides edible fruit Provides edible fruit
Valuable to wildlife Valuable to wildlife

Deciduous tree, upright oval in youth, gracefully open at maturity.

Growing Conditions:
Sun to part shade, prefers acid soils. Does not do well in compacted soils and polluted atmospheres. High summer temperatures appear to limit growth. Hardy to USDA Zone (2) 3

Fruit and foliage of S. aucuparia have been used by humans in the creation of dishes and beverages, as a folk medicine, and as fodder for livestock. Its tough and flexible wood has traditionally been used for woodworking. It is planted to fortify soil in mountain regions or as an ornamental tree and has several cultivars.

25-35' at maturity

15-25' at maturity

Upright oval

Small yellowish white flowers

Pinnate in pairs of leaflets on a central vein with a terminal leaflet.

Yellowish gray when young

More Information:
Native range from Europe to western Asia and Siberia. It blossoms from May to June in dense corymbs of small yellowish white flowers and develops small red pomes as fruit that ripen from August to October and are eaten by many bird species.