Rocky Mtn Glow Maple

Acer grandidentatum 'Schmidt'

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Fall Colors Fall Colors

Small-statured, upright maple with incredible fall color. Similar to Sugar Maple. Native to Rocky Mountains; Wyoming south to northern Mexico. Cultivar developed by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery in Boring, Oregon.

Growing Conditions:
Prefers full sun to partial shade. Best in well-drained soil, but tolerant of a variety of conditions.

Great fall color.

25' at maturity

15' at maturity


Small, yellow to green clusters hanging from a long stem, appearing along with the leaves.

Green leaves turn bright yellow, orange, and red in fall.

Bark is generally grayish-brown and on older trees may be furrowed, with long, thick, irregular, curling-outward ridges.

More Information:
NOTE BEFORE PLANTING: Maples are very popular planting choices, and they represent a disproportionately large percentage of trees planted in many cities. If your heart is set on a maple, go for it! But we recommend choosing a different species to increase the diversity of tree canopy in your community. A more diverse urban forest means less susceptibility to pests and disease for your trees and your neighbors' trees.