River Birch

Betula nigra

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Fall Colors

This beautiful birch has striking exfoliating bark and glossy green foliage

Growing Conditions:
Performs well in urban soils. In the wild, this tree is found along stream banks and wetter areas.

Exfoliating bark makes a great street tree; also useful along streams or in wetter areas.

60' at maturity

35' at maturity

Oval when young, rounded (irregular) when mature.

Male catkins expand to 3

Lustrous green in summer, yellow in fall. Drop quickly; diamond-shaped leaves with a wedge-shaped base.

Light brown (often reddish) bark exfoliating into papery plates, exposing inner bark layers. Wide variation in bark color among trees. Young trunk and branches have thin, shiny red-brown bark. Shaggy appearance as tree ages. Not the white barked birch tre

More Information:
Native to low-lying, occasionally flooded areas in the Eastern US.