Pear 'Comice' semi-Dwarf

Pyrus 'Comice'

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Provides edible fruit Provides edible fruit

*Important* Fruit trees, in general, have unique maintenance needs in terms of pruning, harvesting, and pest and disease management. Visit or for more fruit tree care info.

Growing Conditions:
Prefer drier, warm, inland locations, but can tolerate moderately wet soils.

Edible fruit, self-fertile. Comice pears have a full, round shape with a short neck and stem. They are most often green and sometimes have a red blush in spots. This succulent pear has a custardy flesh and a mellow sweetness that makes it an elegant dessert pear.

25' at maturity

20' at maturity

Broadly columnar

Five-petalled, white flowers up to 1-1/2

Deep green, oval-shaped, with long petiole.

Dark gray cracking into small, blocky plates with age.

More Information:
It�s blight-resistant and is referred to as the "connoisseur�s" pear. This pear is self-fruitful in most climates of the western US or can be planted with a Bartlett pear for better fruit.