Paperbark Maple

Acer griseum

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Easy to Maintain Easy to Maintain
Fall Colors Fall Colors

Small, deciduous tree with striking red fall color. Has distinctive glossy brown peeling bark. Native to China.

Growing Conditions:
Performs well in well-drained, moist soil and full sun. Can be slow growing but will grow more rapidly in soils amended with organic matter and given supplemental summer water.

Great brick-red fall color much later than other Maples.

30' at maturity

20' at maturity

Oval to Round

Tiny, yellowish-green flowers in hanging clusters that appear in early spring.

Leaves grow in leaflets of three. Leaves are bluish-green on top, light green and slightly wooly underneath; they turn vivid red in late fall.

Uniquely exfoliating bark. Color ranges from orange-brown to cinnamon-brown. Very distinctive.

More Information:
NOTE BEFORE PLANTING: Maples are very popular planting choices, and they represent a disproportionately large percentage of trees planted in many cities. If your heart is set on a maple, go for it! But we recommend choosing a different species to increase the diversity of tree canopy in your community. A more diverse urban forest means less susceptibility to pests and disease for your trees and your neighbors' trees.