Hedge Maple

Acer campestre

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Tough, densely branched, medium-sized tree with small leaves that persist late into the fall.

Growing Conditions:
Tolerates dry compacted urban soils and air pollution. No serious diseases or pest issues.

Great street tree. Tolerates urban conditions.

30' at maturity

30' at maturity

Oval ,upright ,branching, becomes round with age

Small, yellow-green flowers in clusters.

Leathery, dark green leaves turn yellow in fall, 2-4

Gray-black bark is lightly ridged and furrowed. Young trees have deeply furrowed corky bark.

More Information:
NOTE BEFORE PLANTING: Maples are very popular planting choices, and they represent a disproportionately large percentage of trees planted in many cities. If your heart is set on a maple, go for it! But we recommend choosing a different species to increase the diversity of tree canopy in your community. A more diverse urban forest means less susceptibility to pests and disease for your trees and your neighbors' trees.