Community Cycling Center bike campers learn about I-205 greening project

June 21, 2011 Community Cycling Center Bike Campers
Community Cycling Center Bike Camp participants learned about the I-205 Multi-Use Path project "A New Forest Grows" on June 21, 2011 (FOT file)

By Logan Lauvray

I had a fun afternoon on June 21 with Lara, Sarah, and youth from the Community Cycling Center Bike Camp along the northeast portion of the I-205 Multi-Use Path. The Community Cycling Center Bike Camp offers a great opportunity for youth to gain knowledge and confidence about safe bicycling.

On June 21, seven youth joined me to learn about the I-205 Multi-Use Path project “A New Forest Grows,” which involves a partnership among Friends of Trees, Metro, the Oregon Department of Transportation, East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District, and many others.

We met near the celebratory 400,000th tree that Friends of Trees planted in January. The youth learned about the project and about some of the tree species we are planting along the I-205 Multi-Use Path, including Oregon White Oak, Big Leaf Maple, Douglas-fir, and Incense Cedar.

The campers also helped check the mulch around some of the newly planted trees. I was impressed by several of the campers who knew the Latin name of our 400,000th tree: Quercus garryana.

Thank you to the Community Cycling Center and to the campers for coming out and learning about this important project!

–Lauvray is Green Space Manager for Friends of Trees.