Holiday gifts that give joy as they grow

March 25, 2012 Gift Tree Planting
Planting a Gift Tree in the Collins Sanctuary (Lucia DeLisa)

Your holiday gifts can give joy and good will as they grow. For $35, Friends of Trees will dedicate a native sapling in honor of the person you choose and mail a holiday acknowledgment card on your behalf. Your Gift Tree card will be mailed within three business days of placing your order at or 503-467-2531.

Your Gift Trees will help the world more as they grow by providing more shade and beauty, enhancing wildlife habitat, and cleaning more of our air and water. In addition, you and those who receive your gifts will have a chance to plant the Gift Trees personally at Friends of Trees’ annual invitation-only Gift Tree planting.

“My family and I want to thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity,” said a recent Gift Tree planter. “We were all impressed at how well the tree planting event was organized. It was so nice to have the treats before we started, and all of your staff and volunteers were welcoming and caring.”

If you can’t attend the planting, Friends of Trees will plant your Gift Trees for you. All Gift Trees are planted at the Collins Sanctuary near Forest Park through a partnership between Friends of Trees and the Audubon Society of Portland.

2013 Chinook Book is out!

Great FOT Discount in Chinook Book
2013 Chinook Book is out!

One of the many great coupons you’ll find in the new Chinook Book offers a 30% discount from Friends of Trees.

If we’re planting in your neighborhood this fall or winter, you can get a 30% discount on a tree for your home.

If we’re not planting in your neighborhood, you can receive a 30% discount on a Gift Tree!

Either way, you win.

You’ll also find over 150 offers from new businesses like Zupan’s Markets, Cinetopia, Everyday Music, Floyd’s Coffee, and Ellington Handbags, plus hundreds of returning favorites from last year.

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Wishing our Friends of Trees well

Saying Farewell to Emma & Sean
Honorary eggplants at farewell party for Sean & Emma (FOT file)

This month Friends of Trees said farewell to two special staff members: Green Space Initiative Specialist Sean Sweeney and Individual Donor Relations Specialist Emma Gray.

Sean is entering the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Cascade Medical School and taking classes at Portland Community College to complete prerequisites for a Registered Nurse (RN) program. Emma is now Executive Director of the local nonprofit Marathon Education Partners.

Sean’s decision to study nursing was influenced in part by his visits to the ICU to see FOT Neighborhood Trees Specialist David Odom, who passed away in January. Sean was struck by how much David’s care differed depending on the nurse who was in charge. The experience underscored the importance of nurses, who are both conduits for the doctor’s medical instructions and caretakers for the patient and the patient’s family and friends. Being able to communicate “honestly and with empathy” is critical, Sean said.

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Mother Trees for Mother’s Day

By Katie Neis

In a forest you can find trees so massive that, no matter how many steps you take backwards, you might never see the tops. Sunlight filters down through their canopy giving just enough light, and darkness, to inspire new flora and fauna to push up through the mossy ground and stretch their branches to the sky. Some call these trees that establish the delicate balance of a healthy forest Mother Trees.

Oak Mother Tree in Oregon Forest

Mother Trees’ large root networks form a thick blanket that bridges all life in the forest. Root systems reach out and form physical connections sharing nutrients between plant species. These networks facilitate amazingly diverse plant life, and resiliency builds throughout the forest.

Setting the stage for the evolution of the forest, the Mother Tree provides seeds for the future—each tiny capsule a replica of herself, to nourish the forest floor with food and life.

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Planting hearts

By Emma Gray

Over one hundred volunteers enjoyed the restorative beauty of sunshine at the Collins Sanctuary on Sunday, March 25, as they joined together to plant 580 new native trees and plants at the final Gift Tree Planting of the season. Sunday’s planting at the Sanctuary, a beautiful forest publicly held by Metro and managed by the Audubon Society of Portland, brought the total number of native trees and plants planted at Collins to over 2,500! We are very thankful for our partnership with Metro and Audubon that has allowed such an impact to be made on such a special place.

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