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June 2021: Training a diverse workforce for urban forestry / Entrenamiento de una fuerza laboral diversa para la silvicultura urbana

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Training a diverse workforce for urban forestry

Entrenamiento de una fuerza laboral diversa para la silvicultura urbana

Underserved & BIPOC communities access training & paid internships

Comunidades marginadas y BIPOC obtienen entrenamiento y aprendizaje pagado

As we prepare for the fourth year of offering the Adult Urban Forestry Workforce Training Program there is one thing we know for certain: The community wants this programming. We hear from program participants and partners that this programming is filling a gap through connecting communities underrepresented in the urban forestry and restoration field—primarily communities of color—to training and job opportunities they otherwise would not have.

Over the years program partners have included Verde, APANO, Wisdom of the Elders, Rosemary Anderson High School-POIC, Black Parent Initiative, and the Blueprint Foundation. Read More.

Mientras nos preparamos para el cuarto año de ofrecer el Programa de Capacitación de la Fuerza Laboral Forestal Urbana para Adultos, hay una cosa que sabemos con certeza: la comunidad quiere este programa. Escuchamos a los participantes y colaboradores del programa que este programa está llenando un vacío al conectar a las comunidades con poca representación en el campo de la silvicultura urbana y la restauración-principalmente comunidades de color-con oportunidades de entrenamiento y oportunidades de trabajo que de otro modo no tendrían.

En los último años, los colaboradores del programa han incluido a Verde, APANO, Wisdom of the Elders, Rosemary Anderson High School-POIC, Black Parent Initiative y Blueprint Foundation. Lea más.

Rogelia (she/her/ella)

“After the classes, I began to work with Honl Tree Care and it has been such a great experience, I loved getting to work alongside other people and learn how to use new machines.”

“Después de las clases, comencé a trabajar con Honl Tree Care y ha sido una gran experiencia, me encantó trabajar junto a otras personas y aprender a usar nuevas máquinas.”

Leticia (she/her/ella)

“I like trees and I wanted to know more about tree care and how trees are planted.”

“Me gustan los árboles y quería saber más sobre el cuidado de los árboles y cómo se plantan.”

Photo, top: Future arborist at work! View from an intern from the training program

Foto, Arriba: ¡Futuro arbolista en el trabajo! Vista de un estudiante del programa de entrenamiento

Get to Know fruit trees

“I love being able to go outside and grab a fresh piece of fruit for a snackit’s healthy, seasonal, organic, and free.”

Andrew Land (he/him), Neighborhood Trees Senior Specialist and home orchardist

Home orchardry is a rewarding hobby. Growing and maintaining fruit trees keeps you active, gets you outside, and provides fresh food. Fruit trees are also great trees for small spaces where larger trees just won’t work. Friends of Trees plants about 400 fruit trees every season, and they are an increasingly popular choice for yard trees.

In a typical season our top two recommended fruit trees are fig and persimmon. Why? Essentially they are the most pest & disease-free, they require less water, and they are generally low-maintenance. Another benefit of a persimmon tree is that it provides the last fruit of the year and so lengthens the season of food from your garden. Read More.

More fruit tree resources are available from our friends at the Portland Fruit Tree Project.

Photo: Fig tree in an urban yard, June 2021

The Eugene Branch


Eugene fruit tree recipients experience almond joy, and more

The FOTE yard tree program is growing rapidly, from 35 yard trees planted in the 2019-20 season, to 85 trees in the 2020-21 season—and fruit trees are a big part of Eugene’s yard tree program. We’ve seen a more than 100% increase in fruit trees planted this season over last—40 fruit trees this season vs just about 18 last season. And with some new outreach strategies we’re implementing to reach even more tree recipients, we expect the fruit tree popularity streak to continue.

Almond trees are the top fruit tree choice in the Eugene area (the Hall’s hardy almond tree, to be specific, which is a cross between an almond and a peach tree – !).

I love how in just the second year my almond tree flowered profusely and grew so much; I can’t wait to try almonds this fall!

Laurel, fruit tree recipient

We also offer apple, cherry, peach, pear, Asian pear, and plum trees, and we’re actively looking for a good local source for fig, pawpaw, and persimmon. An important feature of all fruit tree varieties offered by FOTE is that they are pest and disease resistant and don’t require spraying. Read more.

Would you like a fruit tree of your own? Create a free, no obligation account to get started!

Photo: Eugene Tree Team member Becca (she/her) and Vera, and their Hall’s hardy almond tree, planted last November

Get Involved

Office Hours at the Treehouse (online!)

Horario de oficina en Treehouse (¡en línea!)

Do you want to learn how to get involved with Friends of Trees? We don’t have summer volunteer opportunities, but we would love to connect so you’re prepared to join the fun in Fall ’21!

  • Talk with our staff and find your ideal volunteer role at Friends of Trees. Whether it’s Crew Leader, Truck Driver, planting volunteer or more, we’re excited to work with you next planting season (October-May).
  • Learn about trees and native plant restoration in parks and natural areas.

Office hours: Wednesday, July 7th, 4pm | Monday, July 19th, 12pm | Thursday, August 12th, 12pm | Mon, Aug 23rd, 6pm

These sessions are online via Zoom, details are available in the event calendar for each date. Please drop in within the first 20 minutes of the sesh, otherwise we might not be there. 😉 Stay for 5 minutes, or 60, we’ll be glad to see you!

Any questions at all? Please don’t hesitate to let us know! [email protected]

¿Quieres aprender cómo involucrarte con Friends of Trees? No tenemos oportunidades de voluntariado en el verano, pero nos encantaría conectarnos, ¡así para que estes preparado para unirte a la diversión en el otoño del ’21!

  • Hable con nuestro personal y encuentre su rol de voluntario ideal en Friends of Trees. Ya sea Crew Leader, Truck Driver, planting volunteer o más, estamos encantados de trabajar con usted la próxima temporada de siembra (octubre-mayo).
  • Aprenda sobre la restauración de árboles y plantas nativas en parques y áreas naturales.

Horario de oficina: El miércoles, 7 de julio, 4pm | El lun, 19 de julio, 12pm | Los jueves, 12 de agosto, 12pm | El lun, 23 de agosto, 6pm

Estas sesiones están en línea a través de Zoom. Visítanos dentro de los primeros 20 minutos de la sesión, si nadie se conecta dentro los 20 minutos tal vez nadie estará conectado para platicar contigo. 😉 Quédese durante 5 minutos, o 60; estaremos encantados de verte.

¿Alguna pregunta? ¡No dude en mandarnos un correo a! [email protected]

Happy Pride Month!

We look forward to dancing in the wind, as the trees do, at next year’s pride parade!

Photo: Garry Oak and the Tree Team show their Pride, 2019

Meanwhile, join us in celebrating Pride with this rainbow of leaf colors!



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