It Grows on Trees

Money really DOES grow on trees!

Studies demonstrate that trees actually do provide us some very impressive economic benefits! Trees are an investment and provide an excellent return to those who properly maintain their trees. When thought of as green infrastructure, trees are among the few capital assets that actually appreciate in value over time.

Retail value of homes that have mature trees is said to be higher than homes that do not.  Mature trees lower energy costs in terms of air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. Commercial properties in tree-lined districts experience more business. It has even been shown that trees are associated with lower crime rates.

Cities across the country are now realizing the economic benefits of trees, especially when it comes to stormwater reduction.  The Tree Benefit Calculator has been an important advancement in urban forestry, as we are now able to quantify just how much money our trees are saving us.

What kind of benefits has the tree in your yard given you? Want to learn more about the benefits of trees?