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Clean Air Canopy

Trees for Clean Air in NE Portland Of all the benefits that trees provide, clean air is one that entire communities benefit from. When the…

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FAQ: The end of Friends of Trees’ Portland partnership

In response to a February 2022 report detailing Portland’s loss of tree canopy, Friends of Trees was contacted by numerous members of the public, by reporters,…

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Caring for Climate Trees in Eugene

Some climate trees can need a little extra TLC We pay extra attention to all of our trees during their first few years of establishment….

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"Group events in which neighbors help neighbors plant trees build community ownership and understanding of the value of trees in fighting climate change."


Friends of Trees
Friends of Trees4 days ago
What's up with this California live oak?!
“These climate trees need about twice as much pruning as a typical tree during their establishment years,” says Friends of Trees Eugene Metro Director Erik Burke. “But they are very drought tolerant and tough, and that gives them a leg up in the face of the changing climate.”
Read more:https://friendsoftrees.org/blog/eugene-climate-tree-care/