Promoting our Partnership

There are a variety ways we can spread the good word about our partnership!

Partnering with Friends of Trees is good for business, good for the planet, good for our community

A 2019 survey conducted by DHM Research indicates that 85% of respondents feel positive about Oregon companies that are involved in their communities

We experience the results of these positive feelings firsthand at Friends of Trees. Business partners regularly share that promotional activities benefiting Friends of Trees (such as percent of sales benefits) out-perform projections due to the Friends of Trees connection. One partner representing a prominent national brand reports that a recent benefit month supporting Friends of Trees resulted in a 73.41% increase in sales for the same, previous year period.

Our community supports businesses that do the right thing. Planting trees, together, is definitely the right thing.

There are a number of ways Friends of Trees promotes the partnerships we enjoy with a wide variety of  businesses and corporations. Consider these ideas as the beginning of a conversation, we enjoy working with our partners to craft a relationship that works best for all of us!

Social media engagement: Friends of Trees has thousands of loyal supporters, many of whom engage with us on social media.


Promoting our partnership—to consider:

  • 20,000 Treemail (e-newsletter) recipients
  • 6,000 unique volunteers at Friends of Trees events in a typical season, throughout Western Oregon and Southwest Washington
  • 100+ volunteer events in a typical season
    • 20 cities
    • 6 counties
    • 2 states
  • Friends of Trees volunteer planting events provide great turn-key employee volunteer opportunities

  • 430,000 page views and 105,000 unique users annually
  • High domain authority and page ranking, per google analytics


Just some of the ways we can spread the good word about our partnership:

Timber Joey and Garry Oak

  • Our mascot, Garry Oak, at your company event
  • Logo placement:
    • planting calendars
    • tree tags
    • website
  • Limited duration permission for use of the Friends of Trees logo on your website
  • Targeted audiences at specific events:
    • key volunteer trainings
    • pruning events
    • annual fundraising event for donors and volunteers
  • Portable Rain Cloud: our watering truck visits all of the 25+ neighborhoods where we plant trees, three times a week from May – September
  • Feature story in Treemail
  • Branded tools for use at volunteer events
  • Vehicle wrap

What ideas do you have? Contact Sam Erman to get started.

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