Thank you for making a gift of trees.

Your Gift Tree purchase supports trees + community as you honor and celebrate life’s milestones.

The Gift Tree process:

All Gift Tree certificates are now available electronically and are printable from this page (note: if you added $5.00 to cover our cost we will print and mail your certificates to you; please note we are not able to mail the certificates to your recipient/s for you). You will print your certificate and fill in the names of the recipient and the gifter. If you open the certificate with Adobe Acrobat DC you can use the Fill & Sign feature to fill in the name of the recipient/s and gifter before printing.

Information on how to use Fill & Sign is here

Learn more about Adobe Acrobat, and download it, here

These certificates take the place of the packets and invitations that used to be mailed via USPS.

You will receive notices via email of the Gift Tree planting events when they are scheduled, at which time you will be able to RSVP for a total of 4 guests for the planting that is most convenient (please note that Friends of Trees is no longer able to mail invitations to you or your Gift Tree recipients; you will be able to invite your recipients to a planting event when you are notified of the schedule).

Plantings will happen alongside our Green Space program, at different restoration sites, and Friends of Trees volunteer planters will also be there. However, the Gift Tree planters will be in their own group, a bit separate from the larger planting. As always, if you cannot attend a Gift Tree planting, we will make sure your trees get planted.

Please choose the Gift Tree certificate for your giving occasion from the options below. Clicking on the image will bring you to a printable certificate. Make sure your printer settings are as follows:

  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Size: 11 x 8.5
  • Full color
  • Double-sided (or, Print on both sides of paper)
  • Layout, binding position: Left bind
  • Page size & handling: Fit (or, Fit to Page)



Valentine’s Day Certificates

Front                                                                                  Back: Gift Tree (click for certificate)                             Back: Grove of Trees (click for certificate)


Holiday Certificates


Grove of Trees
 couple grove honor  couple grove memory

 Gift Tree
 couple tree honor  couple tree memory


 Grove of Trees
nature grove honor   nature grove in memory


 Gift Tree
 nature tree in honor   nature tree memory