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Marina Madrone

Arbutus 'Marina'

Interesting Flower Valuable to wildlife

A great evergreen tree with a broad dense crown and light pink flowers, developing small yellow to red fruits in the summer and fall. This tree produces beautiful red bark.

Growing Conditions:
Grows best in well-drained soil and is very drought tolerant after established.

A great medium size, slow-growing evergreen tree that produces beautiful exfoliating red bark. This is a slightly frost sensitive tree that is known for it's drought tolerance capabilities.

40' at maturity

30' at maturity


Clusters of light pink bell shaped flowers.

Evergreen leaves; lustrous dark green color.

Red/brown. Older bark peels away from the trunk and branches revealing beautiful smooth red bark underneath.

The Marina Madrone has similarities to our native Pacific Madrone tree (Arbutus menziesii), but the 'Marina' variety is much more adaptable to various growing conditions and is easier to grow in cultivation. Marina is a hybrid variety and it is generally considered a better alternative to Pacific Madrone because it is less susceptible to root rot. The Marina Strawberry Tree was named after the Marina district of San Francisco. The tree's official origin is unknown, but appears to be a hybrid of Arbutus unedo (Western Europe) and Arbutus andrachne (Middle East).