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20-gallon Watering Bag

You'll need to give your newly-planted trees a deep watering once or twice a week during its first three summers in the ground. If you aren't sure you'll keep up with that schedule, you should use a watering bag to extend the time needed between waterings.Set up your bag in early May, after mulching your tree and before the ground has dried out.Water the tree -- then fill up your watering bag and it will slowly dispense water. Repeat this process every two weeks throughout the summer.An empty watering bag also serves as a helpful visual reminder for when it's time to water.Your watering bag(s) will be delivered on planting day.NOTE FOR CONIFERS: The "tree gator" style of watering bag does not work well on conifers due to their low-branching structure, but should work well most tree species on your tree list.