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15-gallon Watering Bag

You'll need to give your newly-planted trees a deep watering once or twice a week during the its first two or three summers in the ground. If you aren't sure you'll keep up with that schedule, you should use an Ooze Tube watering bag to stretch out time between watering.Set up your ooze-tube in early May, after mulching your tree and before the ground has dried out.Fill up your ooze tube every other week and it will slowly drip out water between waterings.An empty ooze tube bag also serves as a helpful visual reminder for when it's time to water.Friends of Trees has used Ooze Tube watering bags for over ten years to water and establish our own trees, and we recommend them to new tree planters as well.Your ooze tube(s) will be delivered on planting day with a set of instructions for set-up.