Tree Education in Eugene

photo: Mia Baki

Friends of Trees Eugene educates the public through its Legacy Tree Program and printed newsletter. Future issues of the newsletter will be sent electronically instead of by mail. To receive future newsletters or to request a copy of an issue printed before Winter 2010, please write Erik Burke at

Legacy Tree Program

The Legacy Tree Program was established by the Eugene Tree Foundation (now Friends of Trees Eugene) to educate the Eugene-Springfield community. A Legacy Tree is a tree of great size, age, historical significance, and/or rarity.

Each Legacy Tree has been identified and mapped to raise awareness of Eugene’s natural and cultural history and to demonstrate the important role that the urban forest plays in our lives. Each Legacy Tree is identified by a small plaque that includes its botanical and common name.

View Legacy Tree Map

The Legacy Tree Program has been entirely voluntary and required written permission of each tree’s owner. Legacy Tree status does not restrict the owner’s use or maintenance of the tree or surrounding property.