Hey! Join our Neighborhood Coordinator crew for the 2017-2018 planting season

by Pablo Brito

“As an NC, you are the face of Friends of Trees in your neighborhood. I like that I can help neighbors answer tree questions or connect them to a staff person at Friends of Trees who can.”

                   –Martha W., SE Portland Neighborhood Coordinator, full interview HERE

North Portland NC team

What is a Neighborhood Coordinator? Well a Neighborhood Coordinator, or NC for short, is a role where an individual contributes to getting more trees planted in their own neighborhood. As the new Volunteer & Outreach Specialist, I was able to dive in and read a few pieces of literature that Friends of Trees has provided me with. Multiple questions and a lot of going back and forth in my mind brought me to this blog post.  Where are our needs and what does a NC do? from a volunteer coordinators perspective:


  • NCs are needed in neighborhoods where we plant neighborhood trees: all ‘hoods in Vancouver, WA and N, NE, SE, E Portland;
  • Brings neighbors together to meet one another, learn about our urban forest, and helps them to plant or volunteer in some way;
  • Involve local businesses through volunteering, raising money, or in-kind donations to support the annual neighborhood planting;
  • Engage community groups, schools and organizations to come out and get involved directly in their communities

Together, NCs and Friends of Trees staff guidance our neighborhood plantings from start to finish. Fear not interested volunteers; you will be trained and supported throughout the planting that you will be coordinating!  Together with staff, you will:

  • Help coordinate one neighborhood planting per year;
  • Respond to homeowner inquiries by email & phone;
  • Make phone calls to homeowners that have not ordered their tree(s);
  • Solicit pick-up trucks from neighbors;
  • Recruit additional volunteers (Takes quite a bit of volunteers for one planting);
  • Solicit food/monetary donations from the community for breakfast/lunch;
  • Set up/coordinate breakfast & lunch for the volunteers on planting day

You’re interested?  Awesome!  How can you get involved? Well just sign up HERE, and we will follow up with logistics on what to expect for the NC training.

We leave you with a final quotes to hopefully feel inspired to become an NC yourself:

“The Neighborhood Coordinator role is a great one because it means interacting with the Friends of Trees staff, local businesses that want to support their efforts, the neighbors looking to plant trees, and the many volunteers that just want to help.  The functions of the role are really diverse, from helping people choose and get the right trees in the right place, to helping organize the actual planting events and getting volunteers fueled and fed on planting day.  As someone who is involved with several other community initiatives, it is a great way to interact with a broad spectrum of folks that I might not otherwise have to opportunity to.  It’s a great way of getting to know what is going on in the area and what people’s perceptions and aspirations are. The Friends of Trees’ staff is extremely knowledgeable and does a really great job of getting Neighborhood Coordinators up to speed and making it all really easy.”

                   —Chris M., E Portland Neighborhood Coordinator, full interview HERE

Thanks for reading!  Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me or Jenny in our Volunteer & Outreach Program if you have any questions or would like further information: PabloB@FriendsofTrees.org // JennyB@FriendsofTrees.org // Volunteer Line: 503-595-0213.


Pablo is the Volunteer & Outreach Specialist with Friends of Trees