Key Volunteers

Welcome to the Key Volunteer page for Friends of Trees!

Have a WONDERFUL Summer!

From Gresham, to Vancouver, to Forest Grove, and everywhere inbetween...thank you for a G R E A T season!

Although we encourage you to take time off and enjoy your summer, if you'd like to stay involved with Friends of Trees during the warmer months, read about opportunities below or email us at

Personal Volunteer Page: A Great Way to Manage Your Events

Personal pages are a resource for all Key Volunteers to be able to view the shifts they are signed up for, their event and volunteer history, and cancel from events should they no longer be available. **It’s still recommended to use the forms below to sign-up for events as the calendar via the personal page is only partially complete.** We will keep you posted as we progress with this new feature! Thank you all for your continued patience and feedback as we strive to create a more seamless, efficient, and accessible experience for all of you!