Hedge Maple
Hedge MapleHedge MapleHedge MapleHedge MapleHedge Maple


Hedge Maple

Acer campestre

Fall Colors

Characteristics: Tough, densely branched, medium-sized tree with small leaves that persist late into the fall.

Growing Conditions: Tolerates dry compacted urban soils and air pollution. No serious diseases or pest issues.

Uses: Great street tree. Tolerates urban conditions.

Height: 30'
Width: 30'
Shape: Oval ,upright ,branching, becomes round with age
Flowers: Small, yellow-green flowers in clusters.
Leaves: Leathery, dark green leaves turn yellow in fall, 2-4
Bark: Gray-black bark is lightly ridged and furrowed. Young trees have deeply furrowed corky bark.
Planting Strip Width: 4-5.5' w/o power lines, >6' with power lines

Native to Europe, Near East, and Africa. Tough and adaptable, slow-growing, long-lived. A common hedgerow in southern England.

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