Scarlet Oak
Scarlet OakScarlet OakScarlet OakScarlet OakScarlet Oak


Scarlet Oak

Quercus coccinea

Fall Colors Valuable to wildlife

Characteristics: Fast-growing, pyramidal oak with scarlet to russet fall color. It's name, "coccinea" means scarlet in Latin, referring to the fall color.

Growing Conditions: Prefers full sun and sandy, dry soil.

Uses: Great street and shade tree with beautiful fall color. Can garden under canopy.

Height: 75'
Width: 40'
Shape: Upright spreading, broadly oval
Flowers: Male catkins and female flowers with spikes that appear with leaves.
Leaves: Alternate, simple, light green, slender leaves have deep, sharp lobes. Leaves turn scarlet red in fall. Dead leaves will persist over winter, especially on younger trees.
Bark: On young trees, bark is grayish brown with smooth streaks. Bark develops irregular ridges and furrows as tree matures.
Planting Strip Width: 6-8' w/o power lines, yards

Native range Eastern US; Minnesota to Maine, south to Missouri and Florida.

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