Kentucky Coffeetree
Kentucky CoffeetreeKentucky CoffeetreeKentucky CoffeetreeKentucky Coffeetree


Kentucky Coffeetree

Gymnocladus dioicus

Fall Colors

Characteristics: Medium-sized tree with bluish-green, compund leaves tolerant of most conditions. Nice shade tree with attractive hanging clusters of white flowers in spring.

Growing Conditions: Medium to large open, round-crowned deciduous tree.

Uses: Despite being a member of the Legume Family, Kentucky Coffee Tree is not a nitrogen fixer.

Height: 45'
Width: 30'
Shape: Rounded, wide
Flowers: Inconspicuous; small, greenish-white flowers in panicles 6-8
Leaves: Alternate, bipinnately compound leaves up to 3' in length; Leaflets 2-3
Bark: Gray to grayish-brown, often marked with deep, irregular furrows and curling plates.
Planting Strip Width: Large planting strips in Eugene. Yards.

Prefers full sun, humus-rich, moist soil, but adapts well to urban conditions. Tolerates drought and occasional flooding.

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