Japanese Hornbeam
Japanese HornbeamJapanese HornbeamJapanese HornbeamJapanese Hornbeam
Japanese Hornbeam


Japanese Hornbeam

Carpinus japonica

Easy to Maintain Fall Colors

Characteristics: Round, densely-branched, small, deciduous tree with upright branches.

Growing Conditions: Prefers light shade or sun. Grows best in moist, well-drained soil, but tolerates a range of growing conditions, including clay.

Uses: Tolerates many soil types. Attractive foliage, papery nutlets, and growth form. Usually trouble free.

Height: 25'
Width: 25'
Shape: Round to umbrella shaped
Flowers: Green female catkins at branch tips and yellow make catkins in spring.
Leaves: Dark green, narrow, veined leaves with a serated margin. Non-showy yellow fall color.
Bark: Gray, fluted smooth bark.
Planting Strip Width: 4-5.5' with power lines, >6' with power lines

Native of Japan.

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