Celtis occidentalis

Characteristics: Medium-sized tree, highly tolerant of urban conditions, with unusual bark at maturity.

Growing Conditions: Best grown in full sun but tolerant of partial sun. Prefers moist, rich soils and is also highly adaptable to adverse conditions.

Uses: Shade tree, deciduous windbreak, and erosion control.

Height: 45'
Width: 35'
Shape: Upright oval in youth, rounded to irregular as it matures
Flowers: Greenish-yellow in April and May, they emerge with leaves. Not ornamentally significant.
Leaves: Leaves are medium to dark green, about four inches long, and alternate along the stem. Yellow in fall.
Bark: Grayish brown, thin and rough when young with corky ridges developing later. Bark becomes ornamental with age.
Planting Strip Width: 6-8' w/o power lines

Native from Quebec to Oklahoma.

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