Burr Oak
Burr OakBurr OakBurr OakBurr OakBurr Oak
Burr Oak


Burr Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

Valuable to wildlife

Characteristics: Large, deciduous tree that develops an oval form with a large trunk and stout branches. Macrocarpa means with large fruit, referring to this trees large acorns.

Growing Conditions: Grows best in full sun to partial sun. Is tolerant of urban conditions including drought, pollution and poor soil.

Uses: Good shade tree for large areas.

Height: 75'
Width: 70'
Shape: Upright, oval growth in youth, becoming rounded and spreading as the tree matures
Flowers: Yellow-brown, pendulous male catkins.
Leaves: Leaves resemble base fiddle or violin in shape, are dark green, and have a lighter-colored underside making a subtle double-color effect in the breeze.
Bark: Gray, deeply furrowed and grooved with age, making a bold texture as the tree matures.
Planting Strip Width: 6-8' w/o power lines, yards

Native range from Nova Scotia to Pennsylvania, west to Manitoba and Texas.

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