Tricolor Beech
Tricolor BeechTricolor BeechTricolor BeechTricolor Beech


Tricolor Beech

Fagus sylvatica 'Roseomarginata'

Fall Colors

Characteristics: Striking variegated leaves with pink and white edges set this beautiful tree apart from other beeches.

Growing Conditions: Best in partial shade, but tolerant of full sun to full shade. Well-drained, acidic soil best; does not do well in compacted soil.

Uses: Slow growing and needs regular water for establishment. Prone to scorched leaves if not sheltered from the hot sun or dry winds. Attractive to aphids in early spring.

Height: 40'
Width: 20'
Shape: Broadly oval
Flowers: Flowers in spring, but not ornamentally important.
Leaves: Variegated green, white and pink-tinged leaves. Good fall color. Beech trees tend to keep their dead leaves over winter.
Bark: Smooth, thin, silver-gray bark of the trunk is beautiful in winter.
Planting Strip Width: 4-5.5' w/o power lines, 4-5.5' with power lines, >

Native to Europe. This cultivar grown since 1883.

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