Chinese Dogwood
Chinese DogwoodChinese DogwoodChinese DogwoodChinese DogwoodChinese Dogwood


Chinese Dogwood

Cornus kousa var. chinensis

Interesting Flower

Characteristics: Small, deciduous tree, rounded to vase-shaped with strongly-tiered branching.

Growing Conditions: Grows best in light shade. Does not tolerate heat and drought. Needs a lot of water.

Uses: Ornamentally appealing for its bark, flower and fall color.

Height: 30'
Width: 20'
Shape: Widely vase-shaped to rounded, with layered branches
Flowers: Star-shaped, showy white to greenish-white bracts (leaves that flowers grow from) surround a small, inconspicuous flower.
Leaves: Leaves are oval with smooth edges, shiny dark green above and paler below, turning purple in fall.
Bark: Initially smooth and light brown, but later exfoliating into small patches forming a tan and brown camouflage-like pattern.
Planting Strip Width: 4-5.5' with power lines, >6' with power lines

Native of China, Korea, and Japan.

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