Katsura Tree
Katsura TreeKatsura TreeKatsura TreeKatsura Tree
Katsura Tree


Katsura Tree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Fall Colors

Characteristics: Medium-sized, deciduous tree with a pyramidal shape.

Growing Conditions: Grows best in light shade; sun okay if given regular water. Needs frequent deep watering for the first several summers. Typically trouble-free. Prefers rich, loose, acidic, moist soil for best fall color.

Uses: Beautiful round leaves make this a lovely shade tree. Very upright branching requires careful pruning to thin crowded stems.

Height: 60'
Width: 35'
Shape: Upright pyramidal when young, rounded with age
Flowers: Green flowers appear before leaves but are not very showy.
Leaves: Bluish-green heart-shaped are very attractive and turn yellow, red, and orange in fall.
Bark: Smooth, silver-gray bark. Shaggy and peeling on old trees.
Planting Strip Width: 6-8' w/o power lines, yards

Large forest tree of Japan and China.

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