Black Tupelo
Black TupeloBlack TupeloBlack TupeloBlack TupeloBlack Tupelo


Black Tupelo

Nyssa sylvatica

Fall Colors Staff Favorite Valuable to wildlife

Characteristics: Medium, deciduous, pyramidal to irregular-shaped tree with excellent summer and fall foliage.

Growing Conditions: Prefers sun or partial shade. Prefers moist, well-drained soil and protection from wind.

Uses: Tree is famed for its beautiful fall color. Its flowers are attractive to bees and its fruit attracts birds.

Height: 35'
Width: 25'
Shape: Pyramidal but spreading and irregular with age
Flowers: Light green flowers in clusters emerge with leaves.
Leaves: Dark green, elliptical leaves turn brilliant yellow, orange, red, and purple in fall.
Bark: Dark gray bark matures to have a blocky-scaly appearance similar to an alligator hide.
Planting Strip Width: 4-5.5' w/o power lines, 6-8' w/o power lines

Native of Southeastern US. Also known as the Black Gum or Sour Gum.

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