Persian Ironwood
Parrotia persica
Nice Seasonal Color



small-medium planting strips

Medium-sized, deciduous tree with an upright oval or rounded shape and outstanding fall color .

Very stress tolerant once established. Does best in well-drained, loamy, slightly acid soil and full sun to light shade.

When established, withstands drought, heat, wind and cold. Pest free. Slow growing and long-lived. Grown for distinctive spreading habit, brilliant autumn foliage display, showy exfoliating bark and curious late winter ruby red flowers. Excellent single front-yard tree for city gardens.

Height: 40'    Width: 30'    Shape: Oval to rounded with sturdy, upright, ascending branches creating an interesting, somewhat gnarled habit.

Wavy, shiny green, textured leaves emerge purplish. Turn yellow, orange, and red in fall.

Tiny red tassels on bare branches in early spring.

Small, brown, woody capsule that contains one shiny, brown seed.

Smooth, light gray in youth, with brown patches in maturity.

Native of Iraq and Iran. Good tolerance to fire blight.