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End of Season Tree Sale: find your perfect tree while supplies last!

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Only a few dozen trees remain on the Friends of Trees lot. Do you know someone who wants a great deal on a locally grown tree? (FOT file)


Celebrate spring by purchasing and planting a tree at your home!

Friends of Trees planted over 55,000 trees and shrubs this season, and there are a few dozen leftovers needing a home.

All trees are between six and 12-feet in height, and selected from various Willamette Valley nurseries.

Trees are generally priced between $25-75.

Friends of Trees is located at 3117 NE ML King Jr. Blvd. The office is generally open M-F, 10-4 pm. To confirm current availability or for general tree questions, email or call 503-595-0212.

Below is the current availability list that outlines costs, species and number of trees. We will do our best to keep it updated, but please call or email to confirm availability before coming in to purchase. More information about each species is available on our tree database.

Tree Species Qnty Root Stock Suggested Price
Afterburner Tupelo 2 b&b $25
Doug Fir 1 b&b $25
Eastern Redbud 1 b&b $25
Fruit Cocktail (several fruits on one tree) 1 root control bag $25
Hogan cedar 1 b&b $25
Incence cedar 1 b&b $25
Milky Way Dogwood (multi-stem) 1 b&b $25
Morning Cloud Chitalpa 1 container $25
Sassafrass 1 b&b $25
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