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End of Season Tree Sale: find your perfect tree while supplies last!

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 5:33 pm

Only a few dozen trees remain on the Friends of Trees lot. Do you know someone who wants a great deal on a locally grown tree? (FOT file)


Celebrate spring by purchasing and planting a tree at your home!

Friends of Trees planted over 55,000 trees and shrubs this season, and there are a few dozen leftovers needing a home.

All trees are between six and 12-feet in height, and selected from various Willamette Valley nurseries.

Trees are generally priced between $25-75.

Friends of Trees is located at 3117 NE ML King Jr. Blvd. The office is generally open M-F, 10-4 pm. To confirm current availability or for general tree questions, email or call 503-595-0212.

Below is a preliminary list that outlines costs, species and number of trees. More information about each species is available on our tree database.

Tree Species Qnty Root Stock Suggested Price
Afterburner Tupelo 2 b&b $75
American Hophornbeam 2 bare root $25
Apple ‘Liberty’ semi-dwarf 1 root control bag $35
Aurora Dogwood 1 container $120
Cascara 3 b&b $75
Doug Fir 1 b&b $50
Eastern Redbud 1 b&b $75
Edith Bogue Magnolia 3 b&b $75
Fruit Cocktail 1 root control bag $25
Hogan cedar 1 b&b $50
Incence cedar 1 b&b $75
Jefferson Elm 1 bare root $25
Lavalle Hawthorn 2 b&b $50
Milky Way Dogwood (multi-stem) 1 b&b $75
Moonglow Magnolia 1 b&b $75
Morning Cloud Chitalpa 1 container $75
Pear ‘Anjou’ semi-dwarf 2 root control bag $35
Perkins Pink Yellowwood 3 15-gal container $50
Plum ‘Brooks’ semi-dwarf 4 root control bag $35
Plum ‘Hollywood’ semi-dwarf 4 root control bag $35
Red Rage Black Tupelo 2 15-gal container $75
Rocky Mountain Glow Maple 2 bare root $50
Ruby Vase Persian Ironwood 1 bare root $25
Sassafrass 1 b&b $75
Snowcone Japanese Snowbell 1 b&b $75
White Mulberry 4 15-gal container $50
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