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Portland presents Bill Naito Community Trees Awards for Arbor Day

Posted on April 5, 2012 at 12:16 pm
In Loving Memory of David Odom

Friends of Trees Neighborhood Trees Specialist David Odom (Jesse Batty)

In honor of Oregon Arbor Day, the City of Portland received its 35th Tree City USA designation from the Arbor Day Foundation through the Oregon Department of Forestry today. The City also presented the 2012 Bill Naito Community Trees Awards to two individuals and one organization.

Friends of Trees Neighborhood Trees Specialist David Odom, who passed away in January 2012, received the award posthumously “for his unselfish dedication to protecting trees, his generous and articulate way of teaching everything from tree planting techniques to concepts in the study of forestry, and finally, for his willingness to put in long hours of volunteering for groups such as Depave and Friends of Trees even as he was working as a professional forester,” according to Portland Parks & Recreation.

Phyllis Reynolds received the 2012 Bill Naito Community Trees Award “for her four decades of imaginative, accurate, tireless, generous, and outspoken advocacy of urban trees.”

The Concordia Tree Team received the award for “forming a tree team,” completing an inventory of its “diverse neighborhood’s street trees,” and creating a planting and tree-care plan for the neighborhood.

Fifteen years ago, Portland’s Urban Forestry Commission created the award in honor of Bill Naito, “a builder and community leader who tirelessly worked to beautify Portland with trees.”

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