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Thank you, Jack Johnson!

Posted on October 6, 2010 at 8:58 pm
5058432099 b005185616 Thank you, Jack Johnson!

Garry Oak with UP student Lacey Hall and a friend at the Oct. 3 Jack Johnson concert at the Amphitheater at Clark County. The students won the chance to meet Jack Johnson!

Friends of Trees is grateful to Jack Johnson and his charity, the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, for inviting us to partner with him through his All At Once social action network.

Not only did Garry Oak meet hundreds of fans at the October 3 concert, but the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation matched $2,500 in donations to Friends of Trees and donated an additional $500!

Thank you to all who stopped by Friends of Trees’ booth at the concert, and an extra thanks to Jack Johnson and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.

Watch this blog for photos of others who greeted Garry Oak and an on-the-scene story about the concert.


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